A blend of powerful ingredients producing the next generation skin peel which is effective for reducing pigmentation of skin, uneven skin tone,  helps in acne scars removal, diminishes pore size and suitable for all skin type.  

It is painless with little preparation requiring sessions for acne and stubborn pigmentation (melasma) producing excellent results. 

Get glowing and even skin tone with our experts using VI peel.

  • VI peel is a medium depth chemical peel which goes under your skin and works by exfoliating inducing production of new proteins. 
  • It is a gentle procedure which is safe to use on all skin types. 
  • VI peel uses blend of ingredients, that gently breakdown the upper layer of skin and Reveal healthy flawless skin underneath. 
  • The ingredients used are Trichloracetic acid, phenol, vitamin c, tretinoin and salicylic acid which work for different skin problems. 
  • It breaks down the top layer of your skin triggering a natural healing process inducing collagen and elastin. 
  • It penetrates the damaged area and causes rapid cell turn over. 
  •  It treats skin concerns that are discoloration and acne related problems. 

    • Melasma 
    • UV induced pigmentation 
    • Sun damage 
    • Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation 
    • Acne scarring, acne with hyperpigmentation, adult acne and excessive oil. 

‘Things to do on procedure day’ 


  • It doesn’t require any preparation of skin, you have to see your expert doctor if you have any questions regarding VI peel. 
  • Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should avoid this procedure. 
  • Cleaning of face is required and no makeup or any other agent on skin on the day of procedure. 
  • Our team will take your history and then start preparing you for the procedure. 


    • Our experts will cleanse your face and apply VI peel solution. 
    • First session will be longer 30 minutes maximum followed by short appointments. 
    • The peel will come off after 3 to 4 days giving immediate improvement of your skin concerns. 

Wash your face with mild cleanser and water before going to bed. 

Things to do after procedure” 


  • Avoid applying creams. 
  • Avoid sun exposure. 
  • Apply post peel protectant as recommended by your doctor. 
  • Results are obvious after 7 days. 
  • A single session with our experts will result in huge improvement of your skin giving it a glowing look.  
  • But for maintaining it you need 2 to 4 session each year.

It is generally well tolerated treatment. If you notice any unusual redness, bruising, blistering or swelling contact your doctor. 

It is more effective, painless and has minimal downtime. It uses unique blend of ingredients giving your skin a glowing and flawless texture. Other peels might be painful and might take time to heel. 

Yes. Young patients can be treated if proper regime is followed.