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Paulus Hook, NJ

Paulus Hook, NJ: Your Premier Destination for Dermatologist Services

Welcome to Paulus Hook, NJ your premier destination for cutting-edge dermatologist services. At our esteemed location, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to address your skincare needs, ensuring you achieve radiant and youthful skin.


Rejuvenate your appearance with our Botox treatments in Paulus Hook, NJ. Our skilled practitioners administer Botox injections to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with smoother, more youthful-looking skin.

Laser Hair Removal

Say goodbye to unwanted hair with our advanced laser hair removal services. Our state-of-the-art technology effectively targets hair follicles, delivering long-lasting results for silky smooth skin.


Achieve your desired body contours with CoolSculpting in Paulus Hook, NJ. This non-invasive procedure targets stubborn fat deposits, sculpting your body without surgery or downtime.

Lip Injections

Enhance your lips with our lip injection treatments. Using medical-grade fillers, we can add volume and definition to your lips, helping you achieve the perfect pout.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Transform your buttocks with our Brazilian butt lift procedures. Our expert practitioners utilize advanced techniques to enhance volume and shape, giving you natural-looking results without the need for surgery.

Secret RF Microneedling

Revitalize your skin with Secret RF microneedling treatments. This innovative procedure targets fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars, promoting collagen production for smoother and more youthful skin.

Experience the Difference in Paulus Hook, NJ

At our River Edge location, we are committed to providing exceptional dermatologist services tailored to your unique needs. With a focus on safety, efficacy, and patient satisfaction, we strive to help you achieve your skincare goals. Schedule your appointment today and embark on your journey to beautiful, radiant skin.

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