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Relaxes the facial muscles that
cause wrinkles. Can also be used for the treatment of TMJ disorders, excessive sweating and migraines.

Botox/Jeuveau/Daxxify- $12/unit

New Patient $10/unit

Hello Hydration Exclusive

Average duration of 6 + months Extra Strength

Jeuveau/Daxxify $9/unit

Injectable Dermal Fillers

plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of scars

RHA/ Versa Filler $700  syringe

1/2 Syringe $400

Juvederm $850  syringe

Sculptra- $900

Skinvive –$350  syringe

(minimum purchase of 2)

Package: Sculptra 3 vials: $2500

“Pop” Cheek Package


"Snatched" Jawline Package


Filler Dissolver

$250 per vial

Kybella (PCDC)

FDA approved as a non-surgical option that is used to “melt” fat under the chin “double chin” and other areas.

PDO Threads

Non-invasive lifting threads to help improve jowls and saggy skin.

$750 per area (2 threads)

$175 each additional thread

Smooth Threads

Thinner than hair, these threads are inserted below the skin resulting in a smoother, plumper appearance.

Small area- lips, smoker lines, eye area, temple region, and “11” lines- $350

Small Package of 3: $900

Large area- $500 – Marionette, Nasolabial and Submental neck area.

Large Package of 3: $1200

PDO Thread Packages

Eyes: $2000

Midface: $2400

Neck: $2400

Full face: $3000

Hello Hydration Skin & Hair

VI Peels & Microneedling

Peels are used to treat signs of aging, improve skin texture, and correct pigmentary issues. Microneedling generates new collagen and skin tissue for smoother, firmer, more toned skin.

Face VI Peel / Microneedling $350 / Package of 3 $900

Face + Neck- $450 / Package of 3 $1150

VI Peel Body – Small area $350/ Package of 3 $900

VI Peel Body – Large area $450/ Package of 3 $1100

VI Peel/Microneedling Combination package of 6 (3 treatments of each) – $180

Radio Frequency (RF) Microneedling

In addition to the basic benefits of microneedling, RF energy firms and tightens the skin as well.

Face $900 / Package of 3 $2550

Face + Neck- $1000 / Package of 3 $2800

Face, Neck, Décolleté/Çhest $1100 / Package of 3 $3000

Scars, Neck or Stretch Marks $800 per treatment / Package of 3 $2250

RF Microneedling (Face and Neck) + Vi Peel Combo- Package of 6 (3 RF + 3 Peels) $3200

Face PRP/ PRF/ Exosomes $400 / Package of 3- $1000

Hair Restoration

hair follicles can be stimulated with prp or exosomes resulting in improvements in hair growth.

Hair PRP (30 ml) or Exosomes $600 per treatment / Package of 4 $2000

Laser Hair Removal

Area is exposed to pulses of laser light that destroy the hair follicle resulting in permanent loss of hair.

Small Area– Upper lip, chin,
brow, nose, ears, cheeks, hands, feet, areola- $75 each / Package of 6 $375

Medium Area– Jawline,
front of neck, back of neck, bikini, lower face, partial back, underarms, side burns-
$125 each / Package of 6 $625

Large Area/Multiple– Full face, buttocks,
lower arms, upper arms, lower legs, upper legs, full back, brazilian- $175 each / Package of 6 $875

Health and Wellness

Weight Loss Semaglutide Treatment

An FDA approved compounded vitamin B12 injection for chronic weight management in overweight adults.

Consultation- Free

Comprehensive Medical Assessment- $350

Semaglutide Treatment- $500/mo

Tirzepatide Treatment- $600/mo

Maintenance Plan $350/mo

Body sculpting with RF+HIFEM

This technology provides maximum contractions for muscle building and toning with fat reduction.

$600 per treatment /Package of 4 $2000*

*For the best results a minimum of six 30-minute sessions spaced every 2-3 days over the course of 3 weeks is recommended.

Wellness Injections

Designed to make you feel better!

Vitamin B12- increases
energy levels and concentration, improves metabolism, boosts the immune system, and aids in restful sleep. $25

MICC- helps
release fat throughout the body by specifically targeting its primary fatty deposits. $35

Vitamin D3- Enhances
mood, reduces anxiety and improves the function of the immune system. $50

Glutathione- known as the beauty antioxidant due to its ability to reveal glowing skin and enhance overall skin complexion. $60

30 Minute LED Teeth Whitening- let us bring
the color of your teeth up a couple of shades! $200 per treatment / Package of 3 $500

UPNEEQ – FDA approved
eye drops for the daily treatment of droopy eyelids or just to look more awake after a night out! 10 treatments- $80 20 treatments –$150

IV Hydration Drips

Your body is constantly craving to restore its key vitamins to maximum capacity; this is best achieved through intravenous therapy.

Immunity IV Kit

$200 This kit is targeted towards your immune system. It’s meant to boost your immune system, provide anti-aging effects, enhance your metabolism, reduce cold and flu symptoms, reduce fatigue and enhance blood flow and circulation.

Myers Cocktail IV

$200 Created by Dr. John Myers in the 1960’s, this nutrient-rich cocktail is meant to help with your immune system, prevent the cold and flu, reduce fatigue, enhance your sports performance and act as a hangover remedy.

Reboot IV Kit "Hangover Relief"

$200 The Reboot kit is targeted towards your brain. Look to this formula for hangover headache relief, nausea relief and dehydration relief.

Facial Treatments

Skin care treatments for your face with the goal of exfoliating your skin, removing impurities, and dead skin.

HH "Classic"

 45 mins facial exfoliation and extraction of impurities, as well as a facial massage, mask, and soothing serums to leave your skin flawless and hydrated. -$85

HH "Clean"

60 mins includes the Classic facial with a steam treatment to ensure maximum absorption. This facial also includes LED light therapy. – $115

HH "Glow"

75 mins of our signature facial and your skin will thank you. We combine our “Classic” and “Clean” facial and add a complete lip and under eye treatment. -$175

Hollywood Laser Facial

45 mins advanced laser treatment. It is a mildly exfoliating and resurfacing procedure that helps to improve the appearance of fine wrinkles, pigment, pores, and acne.

Facial Add-ons

Dermaplaning (includes 30 mins facial) $140 Microdermabrasion (includes 30 mins facial)- $110


Mechanical exfoliation that cleans your pores, removing debris and allowing for better penetration 132 Washington St. STE 302 of face serums tailored to your skin type.


Basic Hydrofacial treatment. -$125 Luxe 60 mins- includes dermaplaning, hydrojelly mask and LED light therapy. -$175


60 mins- includes dermaplaning, hydrojelly mask and LED light therapy.


75 mins- includes original and luxe treatments, plus lymphatic drainage massage. $225

Skin Care Products

protect yourself from the sun, brighten your skin, defy aging, and maintain your treatment results with these amazing products designed for home use!

Brightening Even Skin Tone Pads

Green Tea Antioxidant Soothing Cleanser

C E + GTP Age-Defving Serum

Retinain Treatment PM Serum

Lipid Replenishing Soft Cream

Mineral Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF 50

Memberships & Rewards

*NEW* Hello Memberships! Join our family and enjoy exclusive discounts, priority booking, and free monthly treatments to keep your self-care regimen on point!



Monthly Membership Includes:

30 minute facial
Laser Hair Removal – Medium area
10% off all products



Monthly Membership Includes:

45 minute facial
Laser Hair Removal – Large area
$11/unit unlimited Botox
10% off all products and treatments



Monthly Membership Includes:

60 minute facial
Laser Hair Removal – Large area
$10/unit unlimited Botox
15% off all products and treatments
Advance notice of events and monthly promotions

PLUS Every 3 months our VIP Membership Includes

Microneedling Treatment or Hollywood Laser Facial

Teeth Whitening
*All membership programs have a 3 month minimum and are non-transferable

Referral Reward Program

Refer a friend and receive a $50 account credit per referral.
Unlimited credits!
Credits do not expire
Friend must mention vour name on their intake form

New Patient Treatment Discount

All new patients receive 10% off their first visit.
This cannot be combined with an other discounts or promotions.
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