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Unveil new beauty with facial treatment services in Paramus, Secaucus and Hoboken, NJ

Do you want to achieve maximum relaxation and bright, glowing skin? If so, come see the professionals at Hello Hydration for flawless facial treatments in Paramus, Secaucus and Hoboken, NJ. We offer 3 treatment levels, including:

  • Classic, $85: 45 minutes of total facial exfoliation and extraction of impurities, as well as a facial massage, mask and soothing serums to leave your skin flawless and hydrated.
  • Clean, $115: 60 minutes of relaxation that includes the classic facial with a steam treatment to ensure max absorption. Also includes an LED light therapy of your choice.
  • Glow, $175: 75 minutes of our signature facial that combines "classic" and "clean" with an additional lip and under-eye treatment.

Treat yourself to fabulous facial treatments in Paramus, Secaucus and Hoboken, NJ today.

Discover the benefits of LED light therapy

LED light therapy is becoming a more popular facial treatment due to its numerous uses. Your options for LED light therapy are:

  • Blue: great for acne-prone skin because of the anti-bacterial benefits that allow it to kill off acne at the source
  • Red: has anti-aging properties and the ability to heal scars and stimulate collagen to produce elastin, which is the building block of skin. Can reduce inflammation caused by sun damage by accelerating the healing process, which improves your skin tone and reduces wrinkles and blemishes
  • Yellow: triggers the lymphatic system to remove toxins from the exposed area and increase blood circulation to improve wound healing. Can also increase the skin's ability to retain moisture keeping it hydrated

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Indulge in lusciously hydrated skin

Hello Hydration is now offering a new HydroFacial treatment. We'll remove debris and dead skin layers using a HydroFacial machine. After a gentle exfoliation, we will saturate your skin with antioxidants and peptides for a healthy and nourished glow.

You can choose from three packages, including:

  • Original, $125: a 30-minute facial
  • Luxe, $175: 60 minutes of dermaplaning, Hydrojelly and LED light therapy
  • Platinum, $225: 90 minutes of all luxuries included in our Original and Luxe packages, plus lymphatic drainage

Schedule a HydroFacial at one of our spas in Paramus or Secaucus, NJ. Don't forget to ask about any specials we're currently offering.

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